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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 23:00

Corporate Moves

Corporate Moves

If your business has decided to move across seas, our removals crew can offer you a professional and value for money experience. Relocating overseas to Europe can be daunting without the added task of moving your business and company. We can ensure your office move runs smoothly and efficiently from the word "Go!". Before the time to move we can send out our very own surveyors to asses your needs and requirements in detail. We have a large fleet of vehicles, various equipment and modern warehousing facilities where we can look after your belongings until required.

Your office goods will be handled with the care at all times, However, sometimes the most careful person can make a simple mistake. St Georges European can professionally pack your valued possessions using the most appropriate materials. We have a variety of packing services on offer so please feel free to ask. We have policies in place to protect your goods whilst in transit and if you'd like to see a summary of the policy conditions please do let us know and we can email you a copy over. If a claim does arise the policy ensures that it is dealt with, in a professional manner by a reputable insurance company.

As an experienced removals company, we can also help with relocating your staff. Please ask us for more details. Our mission is to offer you a cost effective, reliable and professional removal service across Europe and the UK. 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014 23:00

Commercial Moves Abroad

 Commercial Moves Abroad

Moving offices from London to Madrid? Barcelona? or anywhere else? Commercial moves need to be quick and efficient and most importantly stress free. We understand companies and offices need to relocate for various reasons and we are here to help.
You need to make sure there is the least disruption to your business as possible. make sure you are all set at your new property, phone lines are in, internet up and running, addresses changed over if need be, then all you need to do is move your people and your furniture/computers. Moving the offices abroad can be more difficult than if you were moving within the UK so do make sure all these things are done as you don't want to be waiting months for a phone line to be fitted, and the language barrier can also add to the stress! Try to get someone fluent in the language to be on call to help out with any issues....

We can offer a full professional packing service for any size office and if need be, a dedicated service so that you know what day, exactly, your office furniture/files/Computers etc. will be arriving! We can also offer our services over a weekend, minimising office disruption and reducing stress. Contact us now for a competitive professional quotation

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